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Interview with a horse named Bogart

From the horse's mouth...

Interview with a horse named Bogart

Interview with Bogart-

Horse’s Note: Boss annually interviews me with the intent of keeping the communication lines open and evaluate my years production. I finished this year taking Margie on a 35 mile tour of the desert. It was supposed to be a relay race but just like Gilligan’s 3 hour tour it took much, much longer than expected. For this reason the focus of this years eval was that on the “2018 remarkable relay experience”

Question 1- tell me where you analyzed a problem and came up with a solution.

“For the relay I paired up with Margie, who turned out to be a serial peer! On the first loop boss man led us and dealt with the problem. Margie wanting to stop cause she drank to much coffee pre ride. Boss man said “u never stop on the first loop, can’t break the rhythm- suck it up buttercup” problem solved, or so I thought. On the second loop I was alone with Margie. All was going good, we were making good time. Boss man would be happy. Partway around though Margie stops to get off-to pee!!! Willing to give her this one since she seemed like a pretty nice gal I let her go. Then when it come time  to get aboard, unsuccessfully after about the 3rd time I said adios amiga and headed for home alone. Part of my job description is to mentor riders and this sister needed some tough love! After a couple hours of letting her wander the desert I paired up with her and you know what? She didn’t get off again! A lesson learned ala Bogart!”

Question 2- what is your key to success when dealing with the public?

“Again I refer back to the relay with Margie. Being very experienced and good at my job I tend to take charge and quietly tell my rider to be quiet, stay in the middle and just trust me. After following boss man and Jagger the first loop Margie did just that, cept for the peeing but hey she is a serial peer!

Question 3-are you happy with your current job and what changes would you make to improve your work environment?

“ I do work really hard in spurts but the hours are really good. Boss man only asks me to race hard 4-5 times a year and a couple other times I mentor riders like Margie on “races”. I am ok with my work description but really feel my groceries need to be increased, yeah really increased. Yeah, you know that feed that tastes like molasses? I need more, a lot more. Grass, you know the really high green grass? I need more, year round- blah,blah,blah.

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  1. Margie Thorngren

    Lol! Just so everybody know we were both very hydrated and every time I stopped to pee so did Mr. Bogart… He forgot to mention that in his interview! Love it!

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