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Anna & Mary Memorial Youth Fund 2023

Mary & Anna Memorial Youth Fund

2023 Reimbursement Request Instructions

 The 2023 Reimbursement Request Process.  Riders under age 18, as of January 1, 2023 are eligible to receive funds toward their 2023 ride entry fees. When a ride manager offers a 50% or more ride entry fee discount to riders under age 18, Equine Distance Riding Association (EDRA) will reimburse the ride manager up to 50% of the full-price ride entry fee. The reimbursement is only available for ride entry fees at events recognized by Pacific NW Endurance Rides, Inc. (PNER) or with EDRA officer approval, any EDRA endorsed event. Trail, Intro or Poker rides and other events such as Ride & Ties, EDRA Relays, or Competitive Trail competitions are not recognized as being eligible for reimbursement.
EDRA will reimburse ride managers directly, but they must submit the following information in order for the reimbursement request to be considered:
  • Copy of the Ride Flyer, Ride Entry Registration Form or other documentation listing the full-price ride entry fees at their event, that also reflects a minimum of a 50% discount was provided by the ride manager to thechild participant.
  • Copy of Ride Results or online link to ride results, reflecting that the child started the ride and displays the distance entered.
  • A completed Request for Reimbursement Form that provides:
    • Name of child,
    • Date of birth,
    • Distance ridden,
    • Full-price ride entry fee,
    • Funds recipient (to whom the payment is to be issued), and
    • The mailing address where the funds should be mailed.
Funds are available for any child meeting the criteria above, irrespective of distance riding affiliation (they do not need to be a member of any distance riding organization).  The child must start the ride, but reimbursement is provided even if they are unable to finish.
Ride managers must submit their request within 60-days from the date of their event in order to be eligible for reimbursement.
For additional information on eligibility, request for reimbursement forms and/or a copy of these instructions, please contact Cindi Sayer via email at or via phone at (425) 681-1796.


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