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Youth Forum

Hello and welcome to the Junior forum.

My name is Jennifer and I have volunteered to head up the junior committee.  I am not quite sure what that looks like, but I with your help we will figure it out as we go.  My aim  is for us to get a vibrant group of juniors out into the endurance arena.  At the same time helping them gain skills that will benefit them in the world as a whole.  In order to do this I would like to address what I feel are some of the cornerstone items that we build our endurance careers on. My hope is to post an article once a month that is a building block of endurance racing.  With these tools you and yours should be able to build the horse and skill set needed to be successful.

With that said let me give you a short autobiography of my experience with juniors.  I started this sport many years ago with 2 young children. If my memory serves, my daughter did her first 50 mile ride as a 8 year old and her brother did his first intro 15 mile “race” ( if I didn’t tell him it was a race there was no way he was going to do it.  Can you say sibling rivalry?) as a 5 year old. We rode together in the good weather and the bad. There were chores to be done, food to be prepared, school work to stay up with, swim team, fun times, not  fun times, although no pandemics.  There are things I would recommend that we did, and things we did that i would recommend not doing.  I have continued with endurance after my kids have grown up and are gone but I have to say that riding with them was and will always be the highlight of any race I can remember.  I mentor a junior rider now and I love to see all the kids out there!  I don’t claim to know it all but hindsight is really 20/20.

I do have a few ideas up my sleeve as to how to grow our junior participation but for now lets focus on the first of those building blocks. You can find it and any other articles for Juniors in the links below. Please, please feel free to comment, add to, or request any scenarios that I may not come up with.  This is your site, I am just here to facilitate!

I also would welcome any guest articles that you feel that you would want to share.

I am no longer doing Facebook so please feel free to contact me at

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