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Oh Canada!


Reciprocity Agreement between Endurance Riders Association of British Columbia (ERABC) and Equine Distance Riders Association (EDRA)

December 2016 (updated February 2017)


ERABC and EDRA share a common goal of providing safe, sane competitive distance riding events for their members. The number of riders who are crossing the US/Canadian border to participate in rides has decreased. We share the additional goal of wanting to reverse this trend.


While there are certain costs of international travel (health certificates, Coggins) that are beyond our control, we believe we can make our respective rides more attractive by developing a reciprocity agreement that would incentivize riders to attend. To that end, we propose the following:

  1. EDRA and ERABC would accept both mileage and points (for equine and rider) towards lifetime mileage and eligibility for respective award structures. Example: an EDRA rider competes in an ERABC ride and comes in 3rd place; she and her equine receive points for 3rd place in her EDRA record and towards EDRA awards. Note: EDRA riders would not be eligible for ERABC awards and vice versa unless they were actually members of those groups).
  2. Neither EDRA nor ERABC rides would charge a non-member fee to EDRA or ERABC guest participants. It would be the responsibility of the rider to document and notify their status as an EDRA/ERABC member at time of registration.
  3. Any US EDRA rider who wishes to compete in BC rides would be advised to purchase an annual USEF membership ($55US). This would be the only additional fee levied on US EDRA riders at BC rides.
  4. Any BC rider who wishes to ride an EDRA ride in the US would not have to pay anything above the ride entry fee. If the rider is an EDRA member, they would be eligible to have their miles tracked and to compete for EDRA awards.
  5. All Ride Managers where EDRA or ERABC guest riders participate would be asked to provide documentation of mileages of their rides in the form of GPS tracks to Susan Summers.
  6. Riders would be responsible for submitting their ride results from EDRA or ERABC rides to their respective parties.


  • Increased visibility of rides through posting on social media and respective websites
  • Increased number of riders at rides for virtually no additional costs to Ride Managers
  • Increased variety of competition—new trails, new folks to compete with and learn from.


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