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New EDRA Treasurer is Needed!

New EDRA Treasurer is Needed!

EDRA is looking for a new Treasurer. Our current treasurer has retired due to time constraints and we are looking for a committed member of our organization to step up and take on the very important role. You will have help from our current financial advisor and interim treasurer, for the transition as well as ongoing support.

How to apply:
1) Review the job responsibilities below
2) Send an email with your interest to


The Treasurer, who must be an EDRA member, is responsible for accuracy and timeliness in managing incoming and outgoing funds, as well as reporting on the financial status of the organization. He/she updates the organization books (current accounting system utilizing QuickBooks Online), prepares financial statements for presentation to the Board at quarterly meetings or upon request of the leadership. The Treasurer works closely with the President, Vice President, Membership chair and Mary and Anna Memorial Fund Chair, to provide timely information and reimbursements as well as an accurate picture of the financial status of the organization. The Treasurer ensures correct procedures are being followed by those requesting reimbursement or payment.


The major responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to:

Incoming Funds

The Treasurer receives revenue from various sources throughout the year, including but not limited to ride entries, membership fees, donations, and EDRA “swag” purchases. All revenue is identified, timely deposited into the EDRA bank account and accurately represented in the financial reports on a timely basis. Treasurer, in coordination with the Mary and Anna Memorial Fund chair, sends thank you letters to donors.

Outgoing Expenses/Disbursement

The Treasurer receives bills and invoices from third-party vendors and reimbursement requests from EDRA members throughout the year. He/she reviews the accompanying documentation for accuracy and if necessary requests additional information/documentation prior to reimbursement. For funds in excess of the stated threshold, the Treasurer will request approval from the Board prior to disbursement. The Treasurer is familiar with and responsible for ensuring that appropriate documentation is provided in a timely manner prior to disbursing funds. Typical fund disbursements include standard organization expenses such as State annual licensing, liability insurance, drug testing fees (UC Davis), supplies and equipment maintenance. Other disbursements include reimbursements or direct payments for Club Rides, Mary and Anna Youth Fund reimbursements, and expenses for annual conference or occasional clinics or other events sponsored by the organization. Treasurer is responsible for maintaining (for BOD or other review) proper documentation (e.g. receipts) for all disbursements.

Accounting System Management

The Treasurer is responsible for managing funds within the organization’s financial systems, currently QuickBooks Online (QBO) for the financial reporting, but also online payment software such as Stripe and PayPal. This includes reconciling all bank and online payment accounts on a monthly basis within QBO.

Strategic Management

The Treasurer serves as the principal resource to the President regarding the financial status of the institution. S/he partners with the senior leadership team as needed to outline the accounting structure to support goals and work plans related to the organization’s mission, vision, values and culture. This could include preparing financial projections or

budgets for club rides, annual conference or other proposed events. It also includes following up with ride managers to verify the accounting for club rides.

Organization Management

The Treasurer is accountable for ensuring that the leadership team is provided with accurate and timely reports on the financial status of the organization.  S/he maintains accountability for the operational and fiscal integrity of the organization within policies set by the Board of Directors. S/he works with the President and Vice President to track organizational spending, monitor budget compliance, and mitigate financial risks.


·        Treasurer must be an EDRA member (requirement)

·        Ability to commit an average of 5 hours per month to this position

  • High business acumen, an understanding of EDRA purpose and activities
  • Adaptability, Attention to detail, Abiding ethical values, Aptitude for technology
  • Ability to apply basic accounting principles including reconciling accounts
  • Understanding of basic financial reports
  • Ability to use QuickBooks Online with proficiency (willing to learn)
  • Knowledge of and adherence to EDRA accounting policies per the EDRA Accounting Manual
  • Awareness and commitment to the importance of securing EDRA funds in all functions
  • Ability to command the confidence and respect of members and volunteers.
  • Experience working with volunteers and non-paid staff.
  • Critical thinking skills and an aptitude in decision-making and problem-solving.

S/he has unquestioned integrity; a strong sense of accountability; a practical ability to get things done; wisdom and good judgment; a fair and thoughtful approach to management; a high energy level and sense of humor.



Under normal conditions, work is remote and requires email and telephone, including meetings via teleconference or online. On an annual basis participation in the organization’s conference is ideal for both business and member recognition purposes, as well as security and management of funds.

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