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Meet the Ride Managers – Sand Canyon

On August 7, 2021, Sand Canyon Endurance Ride is happening in Colville National Forest (NE Washington). Here’s a little info about ride managers Shelah Wetter and Amanda Egbert!

Shelah Wetter at Sand Canyon

Both Shelah and Amanda are first-time ride managers. Shelah is very experienced with endurance and breeds American Saddlebreds, including some she uses for endurance. Amanda bought from Shelah as well as took riding lessons. Shelah convinced Amanda to do endurance and help with managing the ride. Amanda has only been to a 25-mile ride at Autumn Sun, so she is definitely diving in as a ride manager. They are taking over managing this ride from Sue Summers as she is moving. Shelah is local to the area and both are located within an hour of the ride. It’s absolutely a team effort. Amanda is good at arranging things and the logistics so she’s going to be the head of plans. Amanda will be on maternity leave so she is focused on doing the paperwork with help from her mother, sister, and other clients. Meanwhile, Shelah is helping ride the trail. Can we get a round of applause for these two working together to keep our amazing rides going?!

Shelah and Amanda agreed to help make this ride happen because the trails are fabulous and it’d be a travesty to lose the ride. They say, “If we don’t keep them open for the next generation then it won’t be there.” Plus, they want to keep the land open for riding. Dennis described the trails as technical but not mountainous; very fun riding, twists, turns, ups down… The technical part makes for a fun ride when you have a good horse – and it’s in Shelah’s backyard!

Amanda Egbert at Autumn Sun

Shelah says, “In the endurance community, there’s a lot of work to keep the trails open and it’d be detrimental to let them close for the horse community. It is really important for the horse community to have access to trail. It needed done.” They don’t want to see the ride go away, and there aren’t a lot of local people to keep it going. This is a labor of love for them and Shelah agreed to do it because Amanda stepped up to help.

Amanda is really excited about managing. Endurance gives her a goal and motivation, something to work for and train for with horse. She reports, “Autumn Sun atmosphere was a lot of fun, loved the community, and met some really neat people” She enjoys helping to continue the endurance community. In addition, she grew up in the area so she holds a soft spot for this particular ride. She says, ” As endurance riders, if we odn’t want to see them disappear, then there come times we have to step up and help them. If no one is willing to step up then rides go away.”

Pre-registration is now open for the Sand Canyon Endurance Ride on August 7th! Information about the ride can be found here: or you can pre-register directly here:

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