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EDRA in Motion Challenge – 2021


EDRA’s motto is to “Start Ready, Finish Proud” and includes a focus on preparing both equine and rider for the demands of competitive distance riding. This program is being offered to interested EDRA members as a motivational tool – not just for the preparing of their equine partner, but to also help the rider improve or maintain their own fitness. It encourages EDRA members to move and to keep moving.

The Challenge is in addition to and totally separate from the Awards Program described in our General Rules, Appendix E. The Challenge competition runs from January 1 through December 31, but EDRA members may join-in at any point during the course of the year. Information on the Challenge – how to enroll and submit your miles, what miles are eligible to be recorded, how to become eligible for a 2021 completion award and other fun recognition, along with additional details are included in the program description, which can be found by using this link. LINK TO EDRA IN MOTION CHALLENGE DETAILS.

To enroll in the EDRA in Motion Challenge, an EDRA member submittal form can be found here.


Winners for the 2021 competition will be announced in late January 2022, so come back to the webpage and check it out!