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Another Winter Nugget

Patience, Patience, and More Patience

This time of year and this year especially can be challenging. The weather and conditions are always changing, pay attention to what is REALLY happening and not what you want to be happening. For example, I had a plan and a calendar all filled out with which rides and what horses. I called my farrier and had an appt. to start putting on my ice shoes and snow pads. I so wanted my plan to work that I was blind to the fact that ice shoes and pads don’t change the fact that the drifts were bad, the ice was horrible and there were icy ruts just walking out to talk to my horses. The day before the shoer was coming I went out to talk to the herd. I almost fell over the frozen tractor ruts and was mincing my steps in the pasture. I looked at the horses feet that were on the schedule and realized they would benefit more from not having shoes so early and that just as I was ing difficulty walking with my yak tracks on it would just the same for them. My nugget? Don’t rush, goals can be changed. Just set other goals. Work with what you have. I promise you that by the end of the season we will all ( well at least me) be so ready to stop riding and just hang out that this extra scrambling we do early on will be a waste of time. Needless to say I called and canceled the farrier and as of this writing I am still working on the next plan of attack. Jennifer Kaplan

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